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Cybersecurity in heterogeneous environments


1,5 millions

daily photographs

OT /IoT Security

heterogeneous environments

Risk Calculation



in real-time

The Challenge | Reduce detection and response time

Considering the security of an infrastructure of this magnitude involves several problems:

  • The volume of alerts generated, which can overwhelm the security team trying to catalog and separate false positives from real events, slowing down processes and slowing both detection and response times.
  • Diversity of products and technologies to be integrated.
  • The amount of repetitive tasks to be performed, decreasing the efficiency of the cybersecurity team.

These three reasons make traditional Security Operations Centers (SOCs) inefficient.

The Results | Next Generation SOC

Nologin offers Next Generation SOC service to Cintra Toll Services (CTS).

  • Security operations management and detection and response automation.
  • Automatic categorization and risk calculation.
  • Achieving significant efficiencies over a traditional approach to security.

About our client | Cintra

Cintra, a subsidiary of Ferrovial, has to manage large volumes of data every day for the maintenance of its Managed Lanes (fast toll lanes) on toll roads in the USA.

At peak traffic times, up to 1.5 million photographs and tens of thousands of daily transits are managed. The environment supporting the operation is heterogeneous, with both OT/IoT devices (speed sensors, weather sensors, cameras, etc.) and traditional IT devices (datacenters, servers, etc.)..

Managed Cybersecurity Services

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