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Do you want to work at Nologin?

Nologin has always opened our doors to people with advanced technical knowledge, desire for self-improvement and the ambition to work in our technically skilled environment. We can offer you a friendly, young and dynamic work atmosphere and an opportunity to improve your technical and human skills, by joining a flexible and sophisticated team.

  • Great working environment.
  • A company with solid growth.
  • Flexible hours.
  • Innovative Company.
  • A company from Zaragoza with projects around the world.
  • A brilliant career ahead.

If you are interested, check our security policies, and feel free to send your resume to :

Current Openings

System Operator (SysOp)

Support Technician


Support technicians are the connection between the client and the machines that make up the infrastructure. They are the first battlefield line in day-to-day work. Since the machines do not rest, the SysOps work (in turns) to maintain the available services.

We are looking for well-organized, passionate workers with the ability to handle the needs of our international level clients, while also learning in a first level business environment.

Are you interested? Send us your CV to with the reference: SYSOP

System Operator
System Administrator

System Administrator

Systems engineers and DBA for the management of platforms

Juniors Seniors

System administrators are the guardians of the modern era. They keep our operating systems, databases, communications equipment, internet applications and storage & backup systems alive and safe, through thick and thin. No matter what problems the server may have encountered, they will keep it alive, guaranteeing service to our customers.

Send us your CV to with the reference: SISTEMAS


Developement & Operations

Juniors Seniors

We are looking for people passionate about challenges, who believe in the human race, with a sense of humor and patience in dealing with customers. We want to add to our ranks people interested in the integration of applications and infrastructure with knowledge in systems and development. We want people with diagnostic capabilities and a proactive approach to problem solving.

Is this you? Send us your CV to with the reference: DEVOPS

Developement & Operations
Developement & Operations


Development engineers for mobile platforms

Juniors Seniors

Do you love working with the latest technologies? In our software development division we need a javascript genius, with a great interest in object-oriented development who is familiar with agile development frameworks, such as AngularJS, JQuery and Django. You will have the challenge of designing and developing large-scale systems that leverage a variety of open source and commercial solutions.

Our developments are always customized and go beyond the mundane. Do you accept the challenge?. Send us your CV to with the reference: DEVELOPER

If you fit any of these profiles, we want you!.

Please check out our security policies , and feel free to send your resumé to

We promote youth employment. We work to have the best quarry.

Nologin is a beneficiary of the "la Caixa" Foundation's Youth Employment Program to promote the hiring of young people..

These grants are co-financed by the Youth Employment Operational Program /Youth Employment Initiative - European Social Fund and by the "La Caixa" Banking Foundation.