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Nologin Consulting is a spanish company established in the year 2000 that actively works with companies around the world to help them protect, store, manage, organize, and maintain their most prized IT assets: information. We help companies and service providers design, implement and evolve their technological infrastructure as their businesses grow.

Together with our global partner network, we share one common goal: to help our customers achieve their desired goals.

Corporate Values

Professional Ethics

We treat all of our customers honestly and to our code of professional ethics.


We like to work with the best. Our company is all about maintaining a highly qualified staff.

Work with us


Adapt quickly to change with new products, quality frameworks and greater project responsibilities.


We are always moving, always looking for something new, adapting to new times and their new challenges.

Passion for development

We want to solve problems implementing our ideas. Our goal is to continuously improve in order to provide the best possible service.

Passion for service

Our customer’s problems are our problems.

Código Ético y Canal de denuncias

The following documents refer to the LMI Group and its subsidiaries, including Nologin, and are subject to compliance with their contents

Ethical code

Nologin's Ethical and Compliance Culture Manifesto.

See (ES)


This document contains the rules of the Nologin Ethical Channel.

See (ES)

Compliance Policy

Absolute respect for legality, internal regulations and ethical standards.

See (ES)

Complaints channel

Reporting non-compliance with the Code of Ethics


Community Involvement

At Nologin we take our impact on the local community very seriously. We work to have a positive effect on people and do our bit in the places where we work.

That's why Nologin has been donating part of its profits to the Asociación Encuentro, in La Paz, Bolivia.


If you want to know more about our Corporate Social Responsibility, you can download the report at the following link:

Corporate Social Responsibility Report