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ETL Data & Visualization

We help people see and understand the data

Understand your information

Easily display large amounts of data, and analyze them. We create pictures that answer questions.

Information in the form of data, sometimes in huge quantities and difficult to understand, circulates physically and virtually throughout the world. Understanding and interpreting this data gives us tools to improve our work or our life.

Viewing the data correctly helps us make decisions.

We help people to see and understand the data by creating images that answer questions

The ETL & Visualization process


The extraction takes data from different data sources with different structure and format.


The transformation takes the extracted data and applies predefined rules and functions to it. The transformed data can be stored in a Data Warehouse (DW).


The load takes the transformed data and places it in its final database, in most cases called Data Mart (DM).


An application is developed that can visually exploit that data through graphics, heatmaps, or custom dynamic images .

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